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Welcome to the support community for all Auri Group apps, including I Left My Phone At Home, Mobliza, Eye Copy, Buzzword Baby, and Help Haiti.

Here you can get support, suggest features, and even buy our apps.

I Left My Phone At Home: Best Windows Mobile Apps rated it 5 out of 5 stars! W00h00! Read the review here.

Eye Copy: Best Windows Mobile Apps rated it 4 out of 5 stars! Read the review here.


I Left My Phone At Home is A MUST HAVE APP according to Fuze Mobility.

Help Haiti is an app to quickly donate to the Clinton Bush Haiti Relief Fund.

Here are some reviews of Mobliza:

Fuze Mobility Says:

I’ve been playing around with Mobliza lately and I have to say, it’s really useful and really neat. Fundamentally it does two things. The first is that it automatically responds to text messages on receipt. It has a series of preset phrases that you can set like “Hey Doug, I’m driving right now I’ll get back to you later”. And yes, it automatically plugs the name in for you and responds without needed any prompts.  You can also make your own preset phrases and you can insert variables that it will fill in for you like date, time, and sender name by inserting %d, %t, and %n in the message. This alone makes it a worthy app.


PocketPC Live Says:

"Have you ever been to a meeting, only to be hit with many text message interruptions? Have you been at work and received messages, and you just *have* to respond? What about being out to dinner, and text messages come flying in, Wouldn't it be nice if you could tell them all you're busy? Just like an instant messenger?"

Yeah! thats where Mobliza comes in & steal the show. Wow just so useful, as if they knew what we need. :) Mobliza send back the pre-defined messages in reply to whatever text messages you intended to respond. A must have for a busy person!



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